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Earn Money

Sumafan provides a legal and transparent platform so you'll get out of your social presence. If you have a website, blog, a network of friends, or just whish, you can win with sumafan.

You who will choose which ad campaigns, brands or products you want to visit or to follow, knowing a priori how much gain by it.


No Cost

Sumafan offers a program to take advantage of your facebook profile at no cost to you.


You only have to register Sumafan and if you like you can become a fan of the pages that are offered in SumaFan.


With only a few clicks you can join the program and start earning SumaFan credits. You can redeem credits for cash or trade or fans for your pages.

Exponential Profit

You can increase your earnings by inviting your friends, social contacts, users, fans... Sumafan to register. You will earn 50% of the credits they get them, and 25% of what they get their referrals. Lifetime!


At any time you can check your credit balance, referrals and payments.

Pressing the register button I have read and accept the terms of use and the privacy policy Registration will take your facebook's data.




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