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Social networks have emerged as a highly effective showcase for companies, making communication fast, smoothly and efficiently with potential customers.

As happened with the www today one could say that he who has no presence on social networks do not exist.

SumaFan is a clear and simple service where you can accelerate your window cremimiento social, expanding your company, brand or product.


Flexible Configuration

Sumafan gives you the chance to show your campaign to our users by country, age and other parameters. In addition, you can determine the maximum number of fans or total or daily clicks

Total Control

Sumafan provides a platform where you can control your budget, your marketing campaigns and promoted pages. You only pay for clicks or the number of fans provided by users, within the limits you choose.

Fraud Protection

SumaFan has technical tools to verify the authenticity of the user discarding fake profiles

Easy and Secure Payment

You can pay your campaigns quickly and easily via paypal or credit card.


Sumafan offers a platform to expose your services to our users. Sumafan users register voluntarily accepting our policies on privacy and terms of use. Every user has the freedom to choose if you access or no to each promotion.




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